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Sit, Stay, and Get Ready for a

Howling Good Time!

Puppy Pals is a family fun action-packed show where adopted and rescued dogs perform spectacular stunts and breathtaking feats. Watch as we lead the puppies and audience through challenging and comical tricks as the pooches show everyone who is really boss! Full of surprises and laugh-out-loud canine comedy this performance appeals to children of all ages.

Loved By Millions!

Just a few of the clients that The Puppy Pals had the honor of performing for. Some events bring us back year after year due to fan “pup”-ularity! I mean who doesn’t love puppies?!?

Dog-Gone FUN!

Meet our team of canine comedians and expert trainers!

Hear What Everyone is Howling About!

A Huge Hit at Every Event

Carried on by an dog-gone awesome team

The Puppy Pals perform at large events anywhere in the world. We dazzle dog-loving audiences of all ages at large family-focused affairs. Our show is completely tailored to your needs and is the perfect entertainment for you!

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Let’s get howling!