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The Puppy Pals Comedic Stunt Dog Show is a hilarious presentation for the whole family and the dog lover in all of us, the spectacle stars mostly rescued dogs. From shelters to showbiz, these pooches perform spectacular stunts and breathtaking feats. Wesley Williams leads the puppies and audience through challenging and comical tricks as they show everyone who is really boss! Full of surprises and laugh-out-loud canine comedy this performance appeals to children of all ages. This is not only a show but a family fun experience. In every performance, we invite the audience to take part in the show and maybe even step up on the stage.

Multiple Formats 

Our show can be preformed indoors or outdoors and at various lengths to suit your needs.

Family Friendly

Children of ALL-AGES will enjoy our engaging, funny and daring performances. 

Easy Hosting

We come with everything that is needed for a successful show! From accommodation to lights and sound.

Hassle Free Technical Needs:

SHOW LENGTH: 20–22 minutes for fairs and festivals or 50 minutes for theaters and performing arts centers.


  1. The Puppy Pals Themselves (Stunt Dogs)
  2. Beautiful Full Color Backdrop Featuring the Eye-Catching America’s Got Talent Logo
  3. Performance Turf
  4. Stunt Dog Props & Scenery
  5. LED Show Lighting (if needed)
  6. High Quality Sound System with Wireless Mic (if needed)
  7. Two Person Cast Including Professionally Dressed Stunt Dog Trainer
  8. Colorful Branded Perimeter Fencing (outdoor shows)
  9. Showtime Sandwich Boards
  10. Custom Composed Music Score
  11. 35 FT Living/Dog Trailer
  12. 2 Million Dollar Insurance Policy
  13. Live Interviews/ Short Performances for Local Media Advertisement
  14. High Quality Promotional Video & Photos to Promote Appearance


  1. On-Site Parking for Living Trailer with full hookups (electric, water, sewage) preferably directly behind show setup (outdoor engagements) ; at least in line of site but best if directly behind backdrop as this is how we keep the pups cool on hot summer show days.
  2. Electric for Living Trailer (50 AMPS)
  3. Two 30 AMP electrical circuits for Dogs A/C & Sound System
  4. Bleachers or seating (optional but recommended)
  5. All Parking & Admission Passes
  6. If the act is not bringing Living Trailer, then 1-2 dog friendly hotel rooms will be required 2 days prior to the event, during the event, and one day after. This will be determined one month in advance at the latest.


40’ x 40’ Flat & Level Surface (this includes performance setup and living trailer)
40’ x 28’ is Needed for Indoor Dates.
Shows can also be performed on a stage of 25’ x 25’ or bigger.

Low grass or level surface such as concrete or asphalt preferred. The measurements above do not take into account the space needed for spectators or potential bleachers.

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: Approximately 6 Hour Setup and 2 Hour Tear-Down. When possible, it is always best to have a bit of time to familiarize the dogs with the area before the first performance.




COST: Please inquire – depends on routing and time of year.

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Loved By Millions!

Loved By Millions!

Just a few of the clients that The Puppy Pals had the honor of performing for. Some events bring us back year after year due to fan “pup”-ularity! I mean who doesn’t love puppies?!?