Wesley Williams, Creator & CEO

Puppy Pals originator Wesley Williams started it all based on his love for any and all animals! His passion dates back to his childhood days where his mom even said he wanted to purchase a full-on petting zoo at just five years old. It was always something new she proclaimed. One month all he wanted was a potbelly pig, the next month a miniature pony, the next month a flock of chickens, you name the animal, and Wesley wanted it.

Although he has always had a genuine joy for working with animals, Wesley pursued his unique unicycle skills at an early age, but always kept that dream of working with furry friends in the back of his mind. Just a few years into forming his livelong goal of an animal act Wesley has burst onto the scene with his “Puppy Pals,” a hit comedic stunt dog show!


Paw-ing through time


Loved By Millions!

Loved By Millions!

Just a few of the clients that The Puppy Pals had the honor of performing for. Some events bring us back year after year due to fan “pup”-ularity! I mean who doesn’t love puppies?!?

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